Sunday, May 11, 2014

Check for Potential Hitchhikers

       The end of the college year is near and students will be coming home with all their "stuff". Are you prepared to deal with any potential hitchhikers in that stuff? I'm referring to bed bugs and cockroaches! College dorms and off campus apartments are sometimes notorious for having infestations of those two nasty insects.
       When your student arrives home, go through ALL of the stuff they brought home. Go through it with a "fine tooth comb", BEFORE you bring anything into the house. Check all clothing , drawers of any furniture, books (especially inside book jackets), etc. These insects are masters at hiding and you don't want to bring any into the house, or in a few weeks you will calling someone like me to get rid of them. Stop them before they get in your home. I have posted pictures of both so you know what you are looking for.

German cockroaches ( top row, l to r - adult roach, female carrying egg sac, and final stage nymph bottom row, l to r - egg sac, various nymph stages)                                         
Adult bed bug (they are about the size of an apple seed). Young bed bugs are the same shape, but smaller than adults.