Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Just Trying to Get a Good Night's (Day's) Sleep!

       Last Thursday I got a call from a woman who told me she had a possum in her garage. I informed her I wouldn't be able to make it to her house until the next day. She was fine with that. I told her she might try leaving a trail of dog or cat food out the open garage door and then go shut the door when she went to bed. The possum should have left by then for it's evening foraging. She called me back later, and said she chickened out and didn't want to go into the garage.
       When I showed up the next morning, I found two garage doors with a regular door next to them with passage into the garage and stairs up to the house. I went in through the regular door and checked under the stairs and there was the possum looking at me. "Piece of cake" I thought, and went to get my heavy gloves and hoop pole. I came back in, went under the stairs, and the possum is gone! So I start the search. Looking everywhere. I came to the guys workbench and pulled out a box of rags that had been rounded out in the center and rags plied up around that center area for a nice little bed. Not many possums have that kind of 5 star hotel to sleep in.
       I continued the search, and couldn't find him anywhere. I was about to give up when I saw him under a dresser that was in the garage. I poked around under there to get him to move, because I couldn't get him with the hoop pole under there. Finally, he moved and disappeared again! Now where the hell was he? I went back to the workbench, and saw the tail sticking out of the box of rags. He got tired of my BS and went back to bed! I grabbed his tail, pulled the box out a little and got him behind the head with my other hand and carried him out the door. Of course, the husband had to take the obligatory photo of me holding him before I let him go. The photo must have been good because he (the possum) had his mouth open, looking all vicious! He was a little undersized so I assumed he was one that had been born last spring, and hadn't quite reached full adult size yet. I let him go at the side of the garage and he ran around the corner of the house and through the lattice work surrounding their deck. Told them he would be fine under there. Wouldn't cause any problem..