Thursday, October 22, 2015

Back hurts?

 A couple of weeks ago, I did a flying squirrel job in Bethlehem. I set up a one way door trap at the obvious entry point (hole chewed in the soffit of the roof). The guy called me the next morning to inform me that I had 4 or 5 in the trap (It actually turned out to be 7). Flying squirrels are nocturnal, so they are always caught overnight. Drove up there, swapped out the trap, and brought them home to release in my back yard. I let them go by opening the trap, and putting it against a tree trunk and they run out and up the tree. Well, 6 of them left and scampered up the tree, but the seventh one came out and just sat there, so my wife decided to see how close she could get. I guess it's back hurt and decided to stick around and see if someone would give it a back rub!

This is what the little guy looked like

Flying squirrel back rub!

 P.S. That's our yellow lab, "Moo" barking in the background. Jealous, I guess!

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